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Welcome to the official website of the Florida Gulf Coast Parents’ Club
of the United States Air Force Academy.

Our purpose is to provide new cadets and their families with encouragement and support.
Your membership helps assist many cadets during their tough transitions from home life to military life.

2017/2018 Dates to Remember
The following event dates have been decided and the
details will follow as we get closer to each event!

February 27, 2018


We will be hosting our first of hopefully many
Florida Sunshine Nights at the Academy
We are teaming up with all the parents Clubs across
the Great State of Florida to organize a Florida Sunshine Night
to bring a little sunshine to the Academy during the winter that can
be soooooo dark, cold and not much fun.  
Please help us raise interest and of course money and products.
Please print our donation letter for all the information.

Florida Sunshine Night Donation Letter

Please visit our Florida Sunshine Night page for all the information.


Parents Weekend...What can I say.....what a great time.  Thanks to all who stopped by
and visited our table and a very big thanks to all that stopped by and volunteered at our table......
Our parents are the best in Florida!!!  We had a very successful fund raising day. 
Come to our next meeting and get the particulars.  

I know I had a great time.....met some great parents from all over the Nation and
quite a few from Florida.  Even made some new friends......some in HIGH PLACES!!  

The new Superintendent, Lieutenant General Jay B. Silveria, was very enthusiastic about
our upcoming Florida Sunshine Night.  We have made the General and his wife,
Jennifer, honorary Floridians, so they can attend.  Especially since they
purchased a scarf and ornament.  

Have a very interesting story to tell you all at our next meeting about the
Superintendent and his wife.  Better come so you can hear it.

Hope ALL of you had a great time with your Cadet.  Please send us pictures
and I will get posted on our website.

See you all soon.
Phil and Sandi Phillips



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